CCTV installation solution in Vadodara


The market of CCTV is huge and diverse. There is a variety of factors that determine the right CCTV for your business. You might be price sensitive and quality sensitive or only the latter. But, at the end, getting a good deal entails a detailed-research. So, without further ado, let us share with you our knowledge on the key factors you must consider before installing the right CCTV for your business.

  1. Coverage: Your ideal camera should be able to cover an array of angles. Make sure your camera has features including motion detection, night vision, ANPR and auto tracking abilities to give adequate coverage.
  2. Lens and sensor: You can surprisingly get a lot of options for lens sizes. The focal length size usually starts from 2.8 mm. For getting a wider view field, you might want to opt for a better focal length size than a 2.8mm camera. Otherwise, it might jeopardize your ability to identify objects and people.
  3. Camera Design: PTZ or Bullet Cameras, the CCTV market has a variety of cool designs, that can impress you. You might need to consider factors like external influences and risks, before deciding on the best camera design for you. For an instance a bullet camera is required to be installed at a high level.
  4. Cabling: You need cabling for either data or power. There are solutions like Cat5e that comes with adaptors and used for carrying both data and power. If you have a higher budget you can consider power splitters.
  5. Quality: Output resolution is an important quality criterion. For getting a better resolution you might need to purchase a 12 MP camera instead of a 1.2 MP camera. If you need a “value for money” solution, a 4MP camera resolution might be the perfect choice for you.
  6. Night Vision: Most crimes occur at nights. So, you need to make sure your CCTV solution is as effective to identify movements/ objects at the night time as it easily can at the day time. Usually infrared solutions for the night vision starts from 20m. You might need to extend your budget as a clear night vision is more critical for your business safety.
  7. Storage: It can turn out to be a disaster, if you overlook this factor. Imagine you have a footage of a robber entering your office, but you cannot retrieve it. Ravi Infotech makes sure that your CCTV solution has adequate storage and is able to capture the footage that you wanted the most.

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